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School Management Software is built in, if you are interested to know more then click the Demo Button.

The software is open with the username and passowrd if you are interested then contact to us we will give you the username and password by which you logged in the software and use it.



Hypatia School is too good for the future person of our nation.


At Hypatia School, we take great pride in teaching students to become clever individuals. Grades are not everything, and we want to develop the students' social skills as well.


When the new Hypatia School, building is finished, it will be a very sophisticated research facility and will greatly enhance our chances  to become one of the best AI learning centers in the world.


Featured Class: Architecture


Here at Hypatia School we take great pride in our award winning Architecture program. We have educated students that become masters of this art form and have delivered some of the greatest architects in the world. Some of the most awarded buildings out there are made by Hypatia School.

The program builds upon the old masters of architecture and gives the students visual and mathematical skills to conquer the world. For most students, this course will be a huge challenge, for the right students, it will be their dream come true.



Life at Campus

We have sports and educational clubs that will suit most students. Campus is a large area with a huge park as the center point. There is easy access to all accommodations and everything has been re-vamped over the last two years. So, if you like football, soccer, rocket science or anything in between, we got something for you. If you want to know more about campus life, you can call one of our trained students and they will be glad to help in any way they can.

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Graduation Rate


Financial Aid

News and Information

Academy News

- Classrooms closed due to re-painting
- Two students join football team
- Meeting about new campus area
- Library project meeting

Class Information

- Classroom are well maintained
-Each class cointains 40 students

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